The Kerasan Canterbury Fireclay Sink range is made under strict conditions associated with handcrafted ceramic products in Civita Castellana Italy, just north of Rome… It is made from fireclay which is a natural material. The combination of the material & the manufacturing process means that the product is subject to irregularities with surface variations, defined, by distinguishing ripples, dimples & surface blemishes which are characteristic traits of each and every individual sink and is furthermore considered an indication of its quality adding to its natural beauty, with warmth and personality in proudly being a part of any kitchen.

You may find that with unexposed areas of the sink, i.e. non-functional areas such as the underside of the sink which sits onto the cabinet or on the rear outward facing wall (on some models are unglazed), there may-be some fine rifts that may appear to be fractures in the material. These as they are not faults but instead are fixed noninvasive cosmetic rifts that have absolutely no adverse effect on the performance of the sink itself. These rifts will not increase or decrease in size over time as once the product is glazed it becomes an inert product with no movement whatsoever, unlike that of wood, Variations +/- 2% to the specifications are common and to be expected.


Kerasan Canterbury fireclay Sinks are manufactured with a durable glaze for years of beautiful performance, “Pristine White”!To ensure that your sink has a long serving life, Canterbury Sink & Tap recommend cleaning using a soft sponge or cloth and a non-abrasive product such as soap with water. We also have available Astonish as a spray cleaner and also recommend using our Canterbury grids or mats protecting the base to enhance the longevity of your Kerasan Canterbury Sink.

On the occasion that a metal pan or cutlery may mark the surface of the sink, which can appear as grey lines known as “silvering”, we recommend the Canterbury cream cleaner such and a non-scratch scourer to remove the mark.

Please do not use any concentrated chemicals such as bleach in sinks. If bleach is preferred ensure it is diluted, we suggest maximum three (3) parts water to one (1) part bleach, only occasionally, as constant use can affect the waste, particularly the rubber seals. Whilst no coloured sink of any kind is impervious to damage, fireclay resists chips, scratches & stains better than other materials. In the rare instance of a chip, colour match repair kits are available. However, a note of caution in avoiding any unwanted impact damage, please take care when using heavy items such as Cast iron pans as these could cause severe stress or even fracture the ceramic material if not handled with care.

The Kerasan Canterbury Sink is a handcrafted product so the graduation of the drain is subtle. This means that the water may not drain in the same way that you are accustomed with other more contemporary models & therefore the bottom of the bowl may need to be wiped occasionally.


Kerasan and Canterbury Sink & Tap offer a 15 Year Warranty on manufacturing defects, an example being lines or streaks appearing on the product (commonly known as crazing). The warranty covers replacement only of the item when it meets the criteria and is approved by the manufacturer.

The warranty does not cover any costs incurred to remove or install a replacement.
The warranty excludes wear and tear or any damage caused by impact or using a non-compliant cleaning product.

The warranty is not transferable and applies only to the original purchasers.
Proof of purchase is required to be supplied to the retailer for any warranty claim to proceed.

The manufacturer Kerasan or the importer Canterbury Sink & Tap, cannot be held liable for any damage caused
by incorrect use of the sink or if the sink is dropped before installation.

We know you will love your Kerasan Canterbury fireclay ceramic sink. By following the care guide recommendations you will get years of enjoyment and durability from your fireclay sink.

Thank you for choosing a Kerasan Canterbury Sink from Canterbury Sink & Tap.

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August 2019.


Congratulations on purchasing your Canterbury Sink & Tap product.

It was made in Italy by Nicolazzi who understands the essence of engineering and craftsmanship, with proper installation and care this unique product will provide years of enjoyment and service.

To maintain its beauty and to preserve your warranty please comply with the following care and cleaning instructions.

Care and Cleaning Instructions for Tapware and Accessories

Regularly clean with warm water or a mixture of mild Ph-neutral liquid soap (e.g. dishwashing liquid) and water, rinse with clean water and dry with a clean soft cloth (e.g. Microfiber)

Residue left by personal hygiene products such as liquid soap, tooth paste, shampoo and shower gel can cause damage, so always rinse these off the product with clean water immediately after use.

Under no circumstance should harsh cleaning agents containing acidic, caustic abrasive, citrus, bleach or alcohol based substances be used to clean your product or be allowed to remain on the metal finishes. Avoid dripping or spraying such cleaning agents on your product by covering with a cloth or towel and if splashed with these products they should be immediately rinsed with clean water and dry.

Do not use abrasive cloths, scouring pads, scrub sponges, steel wool etc as they may damage the surface product. If your water causes lime or mineral deposits to build up on the finish, please clean regularly with hot water and a soft cloth which will help prevent mineral deposits.

Product Finishes

Nicolazzi uses four types of product colour application:

  • Electroplated finishes this is the hardest and most durable finish in normal daily use.
  • Living Finishes that mature over time to develop a patina and unique character like old brassware products.
  • Lacquered Finishes which have an acrylic lacquer topcoat applied to provide additional protection these finishes are soft with low corrosion resistance.
  • Polymer Coated Finishes (Powder coated) these finishes are not as resistant to scratching and chipping so care should be taken not to knock the surface with hard objects etc.


Please refer to Nicolazzi web page (www.nicolazzi.it), listed under Stones & Finishes, for a detailed explanation of your tapware finish type for further clarification.  


This warranty is offered by Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd of Unit 17 51-55 Centre Way, Croydon South 3136, Victoria (ABN 17 102 702 965) as the sole Australian supplier of Nicolazzi Tapware.

Nicolazzi tapware products imported and sold by Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd are made in Italyexclusively for Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd to comply with the applicable Australian standards.This warranty is only available to Nicolazzi tapware products purchased through Canterbury Sink &Tapware Pty Limited or via an authorised appointed Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd distributor inAustralia. All products must be installed in Australia to be applicable for this warranty.PROOF OF PURCHASEThe official receipt with the purchase date from Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd or authoriseddistributor in Australia will be required as proof of purchase for any warranty claim. No copies will beaccepted. If documentary evidence does not exist to support this proof of purchase, Canterbury Sink& Tap Pty Ltd is not liable to warrant, repair or supply parts for any product that cannot prove itsoriginal purchase point in Australia.

Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd warrants to replace or repair all Nicolazzi Tapware purchased from Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd or indirectly from one of Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd Australiandistributors were it is deemed by Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd that a manufacturing fault in materials or workmanship in the body exists for a fifteen (15) year period from the date of purchase as stated on the original purchase receipt regardless of the circumstances.

Ceramic disc cartridges incorporated within Nicolazzi tapware are a replaceable part and have a parts replacement warranty of one (1) year from the date of purchase as stated on the original purchase receipt. We also add an additional warranty of 14 years for cartridge replacement only T&C apply. (labour is excluded), Flexible hand-shower and kitchen tap spray rinse hoses, O rings and washers, non-return valves, poppet valves and aerator inserts are also replaceable parts and coveredby a one (1) year parts replacement warranty from the date of purchase as stated on the original purchase receipt. This warranty excludes damage caused by misuse, improper installation or vandalism.

This warranty for tapware and replaceable parts is void should the fault be found to be due to any of the following:
• AS/NZS 3500 stipulates the maximum static water pressure must not exceed 500kpa. Where the inlet water pressure exceeds 500kpa, pressure-limiting valves must be installed. This is also a requirement of the Nicolazzi Tapware manufacturer’s installation instructions. Warranty claims maynot be honoured where excessive water pressure is evident.
• The failure to fit in-line gauze filters on the incoming water supply lines as required by The Nicolazzi Tapware manufacturer’s installation supply.
• Damage as a result of inadequate flushing of the water supply lines before use (minimum of two(2) minutes recommended) and problems caused by debris in the water supply i.e. pieces of metal, plastic, dirt, sand, rust, silt etc.
• Tapware must be installed by a Licensed Plumber in accordance with the relevant Standards and plumbing regulations, the Nicolazzi Tapware installation instructions and best trade practice.

Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd warrants to replace or repair any Nicolazzi Tapware bathroomaccessory purchased from Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd or indirectly from one of Canterbury Sink &Tap Pty Ltd Australian distributors in Australia with a manufacturing fault in materials orworkmanship for a fifteen (15) period from the date of the original purchase as stated on the originalpurchase receipt.

Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd warrants to replace or repair any Nicolazzi Tapware soap dispenser purchased from Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd or indirectly from one of Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd Australian distributors in Australia with a manufacturing fault in materials or workmanship for a two (2) year period from the date of the original purchase as stated on the original purchase receipt.

Nicolazzi Tapware brass-ware products are manufactured in brass by craftsman in its factory in Italy. Some minor imperfections in the materials and finish are not defects, but a feature characteristic of a handmade product. Finishes are not covered under warranty. (See use and care instructions to ensure long life and good performance of all Nicolazzi products which is located in the product box). Live Finishes do not come under warranty claims as they change with time and the environment. Tuscan Brass, Raw Brass, Shiny Brass age and change in character.

Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd undertakes to repair or replace all Nicolazzi tapware purchased from Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd or indirectly from one of Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd’s authorised appointed Australian Distributors where an unequivocal proven manufacturing fault has occurred in either material or workmanship or both in the tap body for a period of fifteen (15) years based on original date of purchase established via a purchase receipt. The warranty under any circumstances is Non- transferable.

To initiate a warranty claim, please contact Canterbury Sink & Tap or nominated agent from whomthe product was purchased. Proof of purchase will be required. Warranty service cover is provided during normal working hours by Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd or a nominated agent in state capital cities and otherwise within the normal operating areas of authorized Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd dealers. Service arrangements else where are provided at the discretion of Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd. The customer is responsible to provide all relevant details of the faulty product including model, finish and the nature of the alleged fault. Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd may request that thecustomer provide photographs of the alleged fault or take basic steps to determine the cause. Where necessary or reasonable, Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd reserves the right to require anallegedly faulty product or part to be returned for inspection or repair with the associated costs of the return borne by the customer. Where a service call is made and the alleged fault is not covered under the product warranty (e.g. where there is an installation issue which voids the warranty), the customer will be liable to pay for the service fee. A fee will be charged where a service call is made based on the misidentification of another brand product as Nicolazzi. Failure to attend a mutually agreed service appointment will incur a fee. Where a site inspection is required Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd reserve the right to charge for a call out which will be refunded if it is established that the alleged fault appertains to that of a manufacturing error. All call out charges are subject to review only where deemed applicable and refunded at Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd’s discretion.

This warranty is subject to the product having been installed in accordance with the relevantinstallation instructions and Australian, state and local Standards by a Licensed plumber, including where applicable limiting inlet water pressure to a maximum of 500kpa at point of installation (AS/NZS 3500) installing in–line gauze filters, compliance with water temperature limitations andadequately flushing the water supply lines prior to installation of the product. Failure to comply withthe above will invalidate the warranty. This warranty does not apply to damage, defects or other malfunctions caused by normal wear and tear, improper installation or maintenance, accident, neglect, vandalism, misuse, alteration modification, unusual physical or environmental conditions, use in an application for which theproduct was not intended or designed, or the use of harsh, abrasive or chemical cleaners. Other thanin accordance with this warranty and Australian consumer law, Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd shall not be held liable for any damage (direct, indirect or consequential), injury, loss, harm, inconvenience or the other detriment, whether physical, financial or otherwise arising directly orindirectly from the purchase, carriage, installation or use of the goods in anyway.

Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd reserves the right to alter or amend the warranty at any time without prior notice.

Aug 2019.


Dear Customer,

Congratulations and thanks for choosing a CALFLEX product.

The article you purchased was manufactured and tested at our Calflex srl facility in Nonio (VB), Zona Industriale 5/bis- ITALY, in compliance with the quality standards UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.

The warranty period, against any manufacturing faults or defects is 5 years (unless otherwise stated in writing).

The parts subject to wear (mixing cartridge, head valve, non-return valve, ECT …) and the electrical components are guaranteed for a period of 2 years.

The warranty starts from the date of purchase of the product, proven by traceable documentation (invoice, receipt) and is not renewable.

Warranty replacement claims can only be made by presenting a dated document proving the purchase of the product.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects only and gives the right exclusively to the repair or to a supply of a free of charge replacement of the part identified as defective.

The defective part must be returned to Calflex s.r.l. accompanied by a report describing the defect.

Calflex s.r.l. reserves the right to inspect the component to evaluate the warranty applicability.

The warranty does not cover defect or injured caused by: improper installation and / or use, incorrect conception of the system, normal wear and tear, damage caused by lime scale or impurity deposits, use of cleaning and maintenance products other than those indicated in this warranty sheet.

Calflex s.r.l. is not liable for any labour costs and / or damages, even accidental or consequential, occurred during the installation, maintenance, or replacement of the product.

The guarantee on the surface of our products is not valid if the material has undergone a cleaning treatment other than that suggested by Calflex. Calflex reserves the right to investigate the nature of the damage with the help of specific laboratory tests.

For more information, please contact Calflex s.r.l. at +39 0323 889328 or your local dealer.

To avoid that deposits or impurities penetrate the product causing operating problems, we always suggest to adequately flush the water supply lines before connecting the water system.

It is also strongly recommended to install a special filter at the system inlet.

To prevent lime scale from clogging the diffuser, we recommend periodically rubbing the silicone nozzles to get rid of limestone and to keep the diffuser always clean.

To clean CHROMED, VARNISHED, GALVANIC, PVD OR STAINLESS-STEEL metal parts: simply use a damp cloth with neutral soap diluted with water and rinse. It is recommended to always dry the metal surfaces with a soft and clean cloth to avoid the formation of lime scale stains.

Important: it is recommended to use only neutral soap-based detergents diluted with water and soft sponges / cloths. Never use abrasive detergents or disinfectants containing alcohol, hydrochloric or phosphoric acid, bleach, chlorine, or any other acid-containing product. Do not use sharp objects or hard or scraping sponges.