Nicolazzi was established in 1960, and it has a long standing tradition of manufacturing quality hand-made tap ware. Mr. Bruno Nicolazzi’ s vision, and the quality and perfection of his designs means that Nicolazzi only supplies quality products. Part of Nicolazzi’ s assurance of quality is the use of  Corrosion Resistant and Low Lead Brass, (PB max 0.25%).

What does this mean?  

This means Nicolazzi conforms to manufacturing 100% non-toxic materials including washers and O-rings, as per USA low lead Certification and Australian Watermark Standards.

Nicolazzi Low Lead ” Ecologico”, manufacturing means our customers receive tap ware that  has a reduced level of Lead in drinkable water. Our tradition of quality ensures that your family has the highest quality of ecofriendly tap ware.

How does this benefit you, our valued clients? 

Canterbury Sink and Tap, the official distributor of Nicolazzi in Australia, provides a product that is environmentally friendly and one of the best non-toxic tap ware ranges in the Australian market. We ensure that our tap ware is tested and certified, meaning all components that come into contact with drinkable water are made of DZR Low Lead Brass.

Recently Suzanne, from Perth WA, contacted one of our local WA Authorised Distributors concerned about the effects of high lead content in the drinking water, as it had been reported that the new local Children’s Hospital had experienced high levels of lead contaminating the drinking water, and she was naturally was concerned about the effects of lead on her child.

I explained the detailed technical aspects of our Nicolazzi tap ware and ensured her that we have one of the lowest lead content levels in Australia.

In directing  Suzanne to our web pages: and  she was both assured in that my comments were 100% correct & furthermore supported by our certification.

Whilst conforming to Australian Watermark standards Nicolazzi introduced a system called “Ecologico” which is the cleansing of heavy metals. The cleansing system “Ecologico ” was introduced by Nicolazzi who was concerned with the release of heavy metals into drinking water. Mr. Bruno Nicolazzi was at the forefront of Environmentally Friendly Tap Ware, and this had not been done in Italy previously. Today Nicolazzi is amongst the leaders in Italian tap ware, manufactured from Environmentally friendly materials.

Perhaps the most wonderful aspect to come out of the discussion with Suzanne was the ability to assure her that our tap ware was amongst the best in Australia and the world.

Canterbury Sink and Tap is pleased to provide quality environmentally friendly tap ware with low lead and Corrosion resistant materials.


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Nicolas Hermence “ Passionate about your home design”

CEO Canterbury Sink and Tap