Our Brands

Nicolazzi have been manufacturing high quality tapware since 1960 and Bruno Nicolazzi is seen as the market leader in design, quality and colour options around the world in the classic range of tapware.

Shaws of Darwen has manufactured Fireclay sinks since Valentine’s Day 1897 and have over 100 years of experience, knowledge and craftsmanship. Shaws are the only manufacturer of heavy duty ceramic sinks in the United Kingdom.

Our basket wastes are from Lira in Italy and are handmade especially for Shaws. Lira can supply a basket waste that matches the colour of your Nicolazzi tapware.

Calflex showers are handmade in Italy and our Classic Colonial range is made of solid brass and has a variety of options.

Our Canterbury Baths are handmade using the patented Cian process and our styles are very unique, artistic and their designs will transform your bathroom.

Canterbury Radiators and Heated Towel Rails are made in the United Kingdom. Our product range is available in Dual Fuel allowing our customers to use the range with their hydronic hot water units or electrically. This allows the unit to be used during the warmer months, a very distinguishable feature of Canterbury Heated Towel Rails.

Canterbury Sink and Tap Bathroom Range made specifically for CST in the United Kingdom by Imperial Bathrooms. Our ranges include Warrington Deco, Berkeley and Shefford. The consoles, basins, toilets, lights and fittings are handmade and allows one to transform ones house from excellent to exquisite with this range.

Horus Art tiles are not only beautiful but exceptional, all handmade and artistically designed by Paola Cariselli in Balogna Italy. The wallpaper, pearl, Trame ranges will literally give you a style not ever seen in Australia.

Trevor Evans, Master Builders Australia President said “I could have bought my products anywhere, but I bought my products from Canterbury Sink and Tap as Nicolas Hermence is so passionate about his range that this passion has transformed into something very beautiful at my home. We turned excellent into exceptional, something that no other company could do for our home”….